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Premier Adult Soccer League

There is soccer after 30

Welcome to the Premier Adult Soccer League Web page.
PASL was formed in the Fall of 1995 to provide adults
over the age of thirty an opportunity to play organized soccer.
Unlimited substitution and no slide tackles are special rules
adopted by PASL to prevent injuries and allow for
the age of the players.

PASL has approximately 270 active members
making up twelve coed teams and 4 women's teams.
We have a 9 game season in the Fall and Spring played on
Sunday afternoons with an inter-league tournament after the
Fall and Spring season.

In the off season we have Summer 6 v 6 and Winter indoor soccer.
The Summer 6 V 6 is played on a week night and provides an opportunity to
become aquainted with PASL and/or to sharpen your skills.
6 v 6 is played on a small field (40' x 60') with small goals.
The Summer league is designed to be less competitive and fun for all.